Are you familiar with green mortgages?

Awareness about sustainability and environmental impact has even reached the mortgage market through what they call green mortgages.

This new category of home loans enables people to finance the purchase of a home with an A or B energy certification (the most energy-efficient levels) or a property rehabilitation that improves its energy efficiency by at least 30%.

The interest on these mortgages is linked to the home’s energy certification and includes rebates of up between 10 and 20 points, which means major cost savings and an improvement in clients’ risk profile.

Initially, these ecological loans were only offered to developers for housing starts, but recently they have also been extended to private clients.

Even though their availability is limited in Spain, they are growing in leaps and bounds in Europe, and experts estimate that it is an incipient market which will take root given the increase in the construction and rehabilitation of sustainable buildings and the refurbishments being undertaken from an ecological and environmental-savings standpoint.

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