How to handle office work at home?

The situation we are experiencing with the COVID-19 health crisis and the state of alarm declared by the government have forced many companies to speed up the processes needed to guarantee remote work from their employees’ homes.

Implementing remote working has been easier and quicker for some companies for a variety of circumstances, but the range of companies includes:

  • Companies that are 100% adapted, with budgets earmarked to the digital transformation, an advanced digital culture and remote working already implemented.
  • Others, which have managed to adapt to market trends and new ways of working, and which are earmarking some of their purchasing budget to software, equipment and ongoing training. This situation moved forward the implementation for many of them.
  • Other companies have not worked on this for a variety of circumstances and internal motives related to their strategies, and now it is difficult for them to deal with this situation.

We are facing changes in habits which enable us to work more independently and flexibly.

So, what should you bear in mind when working from home?

Below are some tips that could help you:

  1. Establish discipline, with routines in which you get ready as if you were going into the office and set a timetable that you can meet.
  2. Create a workspace exclusively for working, whenever possible a well-ventilated space with natural light away from the spaces you use for other daily tasks.
    It should be a comfortable space away from any distractions with a good chair.
  3. Organize your tasks and set daily objectives.
  4. Remember to take brief breaks which allow you to regain visual, physical and postural balance.
  5. Communicate with your colleagues and work as a team.
  6. Hold online meetings with colleagues and employees to share the status of projects.
  7. Interact with your colleagues, disconnect and take breaks so you can keep your concentration.

Moreover, in such an unusual situation, it is important to remember that many households have to adapt to their family circumstances, and when there is family, the experts advise us to address the strategy as a family and to begin to develop a routine that encompasses remote work, education and family. Allowing each family member to participate leads to engagement and autonomy.

And of course, at times like this it is more important than ever to remember to set time aside for yourself and your loved ones, to pick up that book you never finished, to organize your pictures from the summer, to take that gym class, to continue getting training… and so forth.

And let’s do all of this with the hopes that by working together we can all #flattenthecurve.

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