3r encuentro RICS Barcelona

Alting takes part in 3rd annual Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) event in Barcelona

Barcelona, May 31, 2024. On Thursday, May 30, Alting Deputy Director General Carolina Marcos took part in the 3rd annual event of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in Barcelona. Renowned experts from the sector met to analyze the real estate capital market and discuss the main trends and opportunities in the investment market.

The event, moderated by Savills SpainCEO Anna Gener, also featured Javier Ochoa, president of RICS in Spain. In addition to our Deputy Director General Carolina Marcos, the panel included noteworthy professionals like Javier Mérida García, of P3 Spain Logistic Parks; Antonio Roncero, of CBRE Investment Management; and Federico Holzmann, of Hoteles Catalonia.

During the discussion, Carolina Marcos noted that we are in a wait and see period, and that “it is hard to predict how long it will last because the situation depends on various geopolitical factors and economic indicators.

Numerous analysts hope to see a relaxing of monetary policy in Europe, with a 25 basis points drop in June and a 75 basis points cut overall in 2024. This rate stabilization will allow capital, particularly institutional, to return in 12-18 months, finding a spot where supply and demand curves intersect, which is not happening now. Private capital, which is less dependent on debt markets, may be activated faster.”

Faced with this uncertain situation in the financial markets, Alting’s strategy is “even more cautious and prudent, taking longer, analyzing operations in greater depth and sometimes more creatively, but always with the long-term vision of a property management company.”


3r encuentro RICS Barcelona

During the interesting event, Carolina told the audience how “Alting’s portfolio is diversified geographically and by type of asset: residential buildings, offices, retail and hotels.” So, our analysis of the market and trends is different for each sector, although with the same starting point, which is the foundation of the Company’s strategy: the quality and location of the asset.

In the residential sector, Carolina explained how the company has completed three post-pandemic developments, which have been “an extraordinary success in terms of time on the market, profit and land prices, because there is a latent demand for high-quality products in Barcelona. Clients are willing to pay more if the product is truly high quality.”

In the offices sector, she highlighted that, as owners, “we have to transform obsolete offices to give our tenants what they need and be worth the high rents we aim to charge.” Also, at Alting we are committed to “focusing on prime locations, CBD, in spaces that offer flexibility and buildings that can be certified, because tenants ask for these certifications, and with the very best quality. Both in Barcelona and in Madrid.”

Finally, she explained that, in the retail sector “Alting believes asset location and quality are essential to the property being in high demand even at the highest potential rental prices.” And in discussing the hotel sector, she stressed the growing investment in recent years and how Alting “has focused its investment 100% in the hotel sector in the past three years, with projects to transform hotels in Madrid.”


Alting Fuencarral 6 transformación uso hotelero Madrid


In short, each real estate segment has its own unique challenges and opportunities. At Alting, we monitor market trends closely and adapt our investment strategies to maximize the value of our investments and meet the market’s needs.

Our priority is to make sure our properties offer the very best in quality and sustainability to meet the changing demands of our clients and the market.


This annual RICS event is consolidating its place as a key platform for exchanging ideas and putting together strategies to drive development of the real estate market.

For more information, contact comunicacion@alting.com.

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