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Wellness, flexibility and adaptation of spaces: key in new demand for offices

In 2020, the uncertainty and restrictions on movement stopped or slowed many office sale and lease operations, as people were waiting to see how the economy evolved and adapted to new ways of working in the new normal.

This new scenario, with the economic situation closely tied to the Covid-19 health crisis, has brought new trends in office design to cover companies’ needs.

At a great time, with the business confidence indicator growing steadily from the 3rd quarter of 2020 and up 4% quarter-on-quarter for the 1st quarter of 2021, according to the quarterly report from Savills Aguirre Newman, Spotlight Offices Barcelona and Madrid 4Q 2020 Truly positive figures for the reactivation of the office market.


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Adapting spaces: wellness, technology and sustainability

The focus on employees’ health, wellness and experience will push demand for smart and sustainable buildings.

The fact that many companies are incorporating telecommuting on a regular basis doesn’t mean they will be reducing office space. Instead, they will be adapting the spaces and how they are used.

Workspaces will be redesigned to fit the needs of each company, seeking:

  • Lower density of workspaces.
  • More collaborative spaces.
  • More flexible and adaptable spaces.
  • And spaces that foster sustainability, health and wellness.

Plus, offices will continue to be a meeting point. It is very important for maintaining the company’s identity and sense of community.


Aragó 495 - oficinas flexibles

Digitization of processes

On a technological level, Covid-19 has promoted the use of new tools over the past year, accelerating the digitization of many processes, as we explained in our post on digitization of the real estate sector. And experts confirm that these technological improvements will continue and grow in 2021, in the office segment in particular and the real estate sector in general.


An essential asset: Sustainability

Sustainability will continue to be a very important point in developing and choosing offices. Better environmental certifications mean less power use and lower costs. In terms of investors, they will continue driving construction or refurbishment of green buildings in their portfolios.

Companies should do an internal assessment of their options, although it is important to note that flexibility and telecommuting will play an important role. The exponential increase in digitization in the sector has made this possible. There is no doubt that adaptation of spaces, creation of collaborative spaces and sustainability will be key for new offices.

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