New trends in home buying and renting

The lockdown prompted by COVID-19 has given rise to a host of sociological changes in our society. They include social distancing, new ways of interacting, new product consumption habits and changes in how we define our priorities.

But have home search requirements changed since the lockdown? The answer is yes, there has been a change in clients’ consumption habits and needs when buying or renting their primary residence.

Home search trends

After 2 months of at-home lockdown, the perception of the basic qualities our home should have has shifted.

Some of the most common features requested today are:

  • A place to spend time outdoors: gardens, terraces and balconies, along with private areas with a garden and swimming pool.
  • Better orientation: plenty of natural light, good ventilation and outer walls facing the street.
  • The importance of homes’ size and design: comfortable, versatile spaces.
  • Kitchens with more room for storage.
  • Efficient, energy-saving household appliances.

Plus, the uptick in remote working has prompted the need to have an independent space set up as an office, either an extra bedroom that can be used as a study or office, or a larger living room where a workspace can be set up yet the entire family can use it as well.




On the other hand, the demand for homes in outlying areas has also increased. Right now people are more willing to move outside the urban centers, since the homes there:

  • are larger;
  • are more likely to have large terraces, gardens and swimming pools;
  • have less pollution and more green spaces nearby;
  • and cost less.

Without a doubt, the lockdown has spotlighted the fact that many homes lack multipurpose spaces, sufficient light, views and terraces or balconies, and we are thus witnessing a shift in home search trends. What remains to be seen is whether these changes will continue after the confinement is over.

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