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Demand from China seeks exclusivity, quality and trustworthy management of real estate investment

Chinese demand seeks exclusivity, quality and trustworthy management in its real estate investment. Alting Grupo Inmobiliario closes three operations with Chinese citizens in its new development of Aribau-Augusta Residencial in the Zona Alta of Barcelona. With the collaboration of B. Fan born in China and living in Spain for 10 years, he knows perfectly what his compatriots need: Confidence.

Demand from buyers in the world's second largest economic power has increased as a result of the Entrepreneurs Law, although more slowly than experts expected. According to B.Fan, the biggest challenge in dealing with Chinese citizens is language and culture.

They are demanding clients in the treatment and the forms, they take great care of the detail and value the service over the price and the product. They demand from real estate professionals such as Alting that they carry out a rigorous and transparent management, as well as that they have the capacity to offer a global solution in the service: real estate advice, products for acquisition, interior design and decoration service, and subsequent rental service and management of the heritage.

In my first operation with Alting I found the product, the experience and above all the confidence and attitude that my clients needed ”B.Fan (Consultant and Real Estate Brokerage)

The most sought-after properties are 2/3 bedroom flats / apartments in capitals, the coast or mountains for a value of € 500,000, preferably new-build or unique and that are attractive for the rental market.

With the Entrepreneurs Law, foreign citizens who invest in real estate for amounts greater than € 500,000 are offered a residence card in Spain and access to the EU market. There are three real estate operations carried out satisfactorily in the Aribau-Augusta Residencial work and B.Fan tells us that they will not be the only ones.

The economic recession and the Chinese economic growth with a very affordable exchange rate promote a diversion of the patrimony, of the fortunes of the second world economic power, to Spain. Although for the most part this demand does not seek permanent residence, the climate, gastronomy and Spanish leisure are attractive enough to make them spend long periods of time, especially during vacation periods and in retirement.

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