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Alting joins the Salut Mental Catalunya charitable project

This year, we at Alting are joining a charitable project in conjunction with Salut Mental Catalunya to contribute to promoting improvements in the care of children, adolescents and young adults with mental health problems.

The figures are truly worrisome: 1 out of every 4 adults will have a mental health problem over the course of their lifetime, and in 50% of the cases these disorders appear before the age of 18. Failing to take people's emotional wellbeing seriously has personal, social and economic costs both today and in the future.

Salut Mental Catalunya has spent more than 25 years promoting the community care model and defending our rights to work towards a more inclusive society that guarantees equal opportunities, giving care and support to individuals with mental health problems and their families.


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In the pandemic, SMC adapted its activities and projects to continue to meet needs in view of the pandemic's impact on mental health. The effects of COVID-19 were a challenge for the emotional wellbeing of society as a whole. In 2020, SMC served 5,010 people, 72% of them in the county of Barcelona. Of the people they served, 89% needed emotional and/or psychological support and 65% stated that their mental health problem had worsened.


Alting in social projects

At Alting, we show our commitment to people and society by actively participating in a range of social projects.

This time, we contributed with a donation to the Salut Mental project for children, adolescents and young adults with mental health problems and the struggle against the stigmatization of mental health problems by providing support and assistance at a time when people's emotional wellbeing is at risk.

Now is the time to contribute our grain of sand.

You can partner with SMC at

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