EMB ABOGADOS leases new headquarters from Alting Real Estate Group

The eighth floor of the TORRE BARCELONA building, located at 477 Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona, will become the new headquarters of the EMB ABOGADOS law firm; further proof of the firm’s strategy to consolidate and strengthen its brand to tackle new challenges and opportunities.

EMB ABOGADOS aims to tackle what they consider the beginning of a new era from the privileged location of TORRE BARCELONA with its spectacular views. Location and modernity, key requirements in the search for their new headquarters and a reflection of the roadmap the firm has laid out, which gives off messages of SOLIDITY, INTERNATIONALIZATION and PROFESSIONALISM.

EMB ABOGADOS is a law firm that was created with the aim of providing comprehensive personalized solutions for companies and individuals.

The firm is made up of professionals that specialize in various areas of law, comprising a multidisciplinary team that can quickly, easily and rigorously tackle situations and projects of any size.

For more information please contact us comunicacion@alting.com.

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