Presentación Manual de Derecho Inmobiliario

Alting Legal Director Vanessa Rubiras takes part in presentation of Real Estate Law Handbook

Barcelona, 17 February 2022. On 10 February, an event was held to present the Real Estate Law Handbook, hosted by the Decanato de los Registradores de Cataluña (Association of Land Registrars of Catalonia). The event featured Rafael Moreno Ubric, founding partner of INUR; Alexandra Gómez Pérez, partner at INUR; María Tenza Llorente, land registrar and director of SERC; and Vanessa Rubiras Valenzuela, legal director at Alting Real Estate Group. Plus Vicente José García-Hinojal López, chair of the Registradores de Cataluña; and Joan Ramón Casals i Mata, director-general for Law, Legal Entities and Mediation in the Catalan Ministry of Justice.

The event took place at Leonardo Royal Hotel Barcelona Fira, presenting this Handbook geared towards students, lawyers and agents involved in the real estate market, which analyzes all the steps in the processes associated with real estate law.

Vanessa Rubiras made a very interesting contribution to the event, based on her experience and knowledge of the real estate sector. Vanessa discussed the current legal framework for leasing property, specifically the cap on rent prices, laid out in Law 11/2020 of 18 September, applicable in Catalonia, and in the new draft National Housing Law, which was passed in the Council of Ministers held on 1 February 2022 and is expected to go into force later this year.


Presentación Manual de Derecho Inmobiliario blog


Real Estate Law Handbook

The idea to write a Real Estate Law Handbook came from Rafael Moreno, founding partner of INUR law firm, who contacted Vanessa Rubiras and the other authors to offer them the opportunity to take part in the project. Vanessa wrote two chapters of the Handbook on urban leases and horizontal property.

The aim for this handbook is to compile all subjects related to real estate law in one place, so users don’t have to consult several sources separately. This way, it is meant as a practical and educational handbook with information from various professionals (notaries, registrars, professors, lawyers, etc.) from all over Spain, in order to give it the broadest possible view.


Presentación Manual de Derecho Inmobiliario


Alting would like to congratulate the Decanato del Colegio de Registradores de Cataluña for hosting the event and everyone who participated in this ambitious project for their hard work and a job well done. And in particular Vanessa, our Legal Director, a great professional who has contributed her extensive expertise on the subject.


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